“Through neuro-based approaches, Think Bright Therapy provides solutions to help individuals and groups 18 years and older to gain an understanding about the brain body connection and their relation to anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance use disorders. Individuals learn how to regulate their bodies, their emotions, and how to implement change in their lives.”

Through neuroscience and various treatment approaches clients develop new neuropathways in their brain to reframe old ways of thinking, behaviors, and traumatic events. At Think Bright Therapy we use a whole health approach, including psychotherapy, neurofeedback, breathing and mindfulness skills, and integrated medicine to heal the entire body.

When you come to Think Bright Therapy, you are taking steps toward change. Whether you need help with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use disorders or simply desire to increase your self-actualization. Think Bright Therapy will help you identify solutions that magnify your strengths and increase your sense of self.

Woman speaking with another woman about mental health

Think Bright Therapy leads with a wellness approach with specialties in anxiety, depression, and trauma. We also conduct mental health assessments. We serve individuals and groups ages 18 years and older.

Everyone has mental health. Think Bright Therapy seeks to reduce the stigma surrounding how mental health is perceived or viewed. The pandemic gave the mental health field a gift. As a result, mental health also known as behavioral health gained greater exposure and acceptability. Our world recognized that we must interact, talk, listen, and empathize with one another. Today there is less difficulty talking about and seeking help for mental health. Yet, greater awareness is still needed. Contact us today if you need someone to talk to or are concerned about a friend or family member.


Think Bright Therapy leads with a wellness approach and uses neurofeedback to increase brain functionality. We identify areas of the brain that do not function efficiently and through operant conditioning help increase the brain functions for optimal use. We serve individuals and groups ages 18 years and older.

Neurofeedback (also referred to as neurotherapy) thought to be a new brain intervention, became more visible after the Viet Nam war to treat post-traumatic stress. Today neurofeedback is used as an intervention for many psychological, physiological, and neurological conditions. Contact us to discuss your individual needs.

Substance Use Disorder

Think Bright Therapy leads with a wellness approach and specializes in treating substance use disorders. We also conduct substance use assessments for adults. We serve individuals and groups ages 18 years and older.

Whether you are seeking help to prevent relapse, reduce dependence on a substance(s) or battling addiction, Think Bright Therapy offers several interventions, including psychotherapy, neurofeedback, and group therapy to decrease dependence and addiction to substances. Contact us to help move from dependence and addiction to maintenance and recovery.

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