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Our mission at Think Bright Therapy is “Achieving wholeness through brain health.”

The practice provides a wellness approach to mental health and substance use disorders. Through Think Bright Therapy the client gains access to cognitive and neuro-based solutions, including psychotherapy, neurofeedback, integrative medicine, and body work to address anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance use disorders.

M. Antoinette Walker, MS, LPC, LMHC, NCC, SUDP, BCN
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
National Certified Counselor 
Substance Use Disorder Professional
Board Certified Neurofeedback

Hi. I am Antoinette, the lead Counselor and Neurotherapist at Think Bright Therapy. I am vested in helping you gain control over symptoms and behaviors that may seem insurmountable. I believe that you have the ability to change the way that you interact with people and your environment to bring balance to your life. Let’s collaborate so that you can begin living your best life.

During my graduate studies I quickly understood that I wanted to provide my clients with options for therapy. As a result, Think Bright Therapy provides a variety of services including psychotherapy, neurotherapy, integrated medicine, and breathing and mindfulness skills to help clients achieve whole health.

My passion is helping clients discover their purpose and identity and leading groups. Through my own healing journey, I found that when a person knows who they are and what they are to do, their confidence and self-awareness increases exponentially. I help clients discover themselves by defining their values, developing emotion-regulation, setting healthy boundaries, and learning to communicate and listen to others effectively. I also deeply enjoy the group therapy process. In group therapy there is the beautiful dynamic of exploring with people who are similarly situated and literally help each other navigate through their lives. Think Bright Therapy offers regular processing groups in the areas of trauma, boundaries, and substance use disorders. Contact us to learn more about groups and the current group schedule.

The Ashes Have Voices

The Ashes Have Voices is for those who feel their voices have been silenced, those who seek rest and peace, and those who want to heal from shame and guilt. This is a story filled with change and growth, failures and successes, and valley low and mountaintop experiences. You may resonate with one or all of the authors voices.

The Ashes Have Voices discusses the emotional healing process of five women as they navigated some of life’s most difficult circumstances including sexual abuse, divorce, abandonment, parenting, and drugs and alcohol. As a mental health and substance use disorder counselor and neurotherapist, I help people overcome these circumstances and the behaviors that result from them. Join us in The Ashes Have Voices on the journey to healing and victory.


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